It’s Clear Frost Cloud Eye Shadow

Frost Cloud Eye Shadow, with its silky texture and ultra-fine mother-of-pearl, will provide a light dewy finish and a pearly iridescent glow. Trendy and natural shades for your perfect makeup! 100% natural eye shadow. Made in Italy. 100% recycled plastic packaging. Active ingredients: Organic grape extract has antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial, moisturizing, toning, and protective properties. Passion-fruitContinue reading “It’s Clear Frost Cloud Eye Shadow”


What if I told you this company is known around the world and in the top 30 of direct sales companies without being in USA or China? Plus, this company has plans on not only expanding into the USA but also Mexico! That will put us in 45+ countries with you the consultant being ableContinue reading “WHY I CHOSE FABERLIC”

Oceanum Hydrogel Eye Patches

Oceanum is a unique product developed jointly by Faberlic and BiotechMarine laboratory (France). Restore your fresh and rested look, make your eyes look youthful and catching with these Hydrogel Eye Patches. The formula with rich components efficiently nourishes and moisturizes skin prevents premature wrinkles. You can use them for a whole month: 30 days ofContinue reading “Oceanum Hydrogel Eye Patches”

Pre-Register to Sell Faberlic in the USA for Free

Sign up during the pre-launch of Faberlic in the USA and become one of the very first consultants. Faberlic was ranked #31 in the global ranking of direct sales companies according to DSN. To join now, go to My name is Anne-Marie Prince. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and mompreneur. I have 33 years experienceContinue reading “Pre-Register to Sell Faberlic in the USA for Free”