Faberlic’s BioGlow Collection

Dry winter air can leave you with dull and tired skin and make fine lines grow deeper. Take care of your skin this winter. Replenish your skin with Vitamins C, B3, and antioxidants.  Our BioGlow Brand means energized and glowing skin at any age. The supplement of its ingredients is based on Vitamin C—the vitamin of youth andContinue reading “Faberlic’s BioGlow Collection”

Faberlic BioGlow Eye Cream Gel

Faberlic BioGlow Eye Cream Gel – Infused with Vitamin C, our BioGlow Brand is a breath of fresh air that adds energy and long-lasting radiance to your skin. BioGlow Eye Cream Gel: Fights the appearance dark circles. Reduces the appearance of fine lines Adds radiance to skin Leaves a bright, sunny scent of Sicilian tangerines ContainsContinue reading “Faberlic BioGlow Eye Cream Gel”