It’s Clear Frost Cloud Eye Shadow

Frost Cloud Eye Shadow, with its silky texture and ultra-fine mother-of-pearl, will provide a light dewy finish and a pearly iridescent glow. Trendy and natural shades for your perfect makeup! 100% natural eye shadow. Made in Italy. 100% recycled plastic packaging. Active ingredients: Organic grape extract has antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial, moisturizing, toning, and protective properties. Passion-fruitContinue reading “It’s Clear Frost Cloud Eye Shadow”


What if I told you this company is known around the world and in the top 30 of direct sales companies without being in USA or China? Plus, this company has plans on not only expanding into the USA but also Mexico! That will put us in 45+ countries with you the consultant being ableContinue reading “WHY I CHOSE FABERLIC”


Lumi Tinted Foundation Face Cream This miracle product with lightweight coverage for a luminous, oh-so-glowy second skin finish. Your Perfect Match! A skin perfecting formulation that smooths out the skin and blurs away all imperfections in just one application!  Its delicate but very performing formulation blends out evenly on the skin while providing a naturalContinue reading “LUMI TINTED FOUNDATION FACE CREAM”

Wellness Vegan Shake Mix, Toffee

Wellness Vegan Shake Mix, Toffee WELLNESS products designed to support a healthy lifestyle. FABERLIC WELLNESS is an ideal recipe for those who dream to lose weight, eat tasty and at the same time get a full range of all useful nutrients. It’s easy to keep fit, eat right, and stay energized all day. These productsContinue reading “Wellness Vegan Shake Mix, Toffee”

BioGlow Liquid Patches For Correcting Worry Lines

BioGlow Liquid Patches For Correcting Worry Lines Our BioGlow Brand means energized, glowing skin at any age. The supplement of its ingredients is based on Vitamin C – “the vitamin of youth” and one of the most powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C is a proven ally in the fight against the signs of aging. Its benefitsContinue reading “BioGlow Liquid Patches For Correcting Worry Lines”

Faberlic is here in the USA!

Faberlic officially launched in the USA today! Shop the very 1st Faberlic catalog for the USA from October 4th – 31st! Get 20% off when you register and place an order in October. Click the link to get registered as a buyer and start shopping soon or join as a consultant for $28.  ReceiveContinue reading “Faberlic is here in the USA!”

Faberlic First Class Fluid Foundation

Make a fresh start! A solid basis for your flawless makeup look, First Class Fluid Foundation blends evenly, ensuring perfect coverage. Lightweight and silky texture. Ultra-matte finish. Lasts up to 16 hours. Water content – 28%. Lightweight and silky texture. Ultra-matte finish. Lasts up to 16 hours. Recommended for normal and oily-prone skin.