What if I told you this company is known around the world and in the top 30 of direct sales companies without being in USA or China? Plus, this company has plans on not only expanding into the USA but also Mexico! That will put us in 45+ countries with you the consultant being able to build a business in all countries Faberlic is in.

About the Company

  • Faberlic Mission’s is to help people become better and inspire them by example.
  • Faberlic has over 20 years of experience in the direct sales world coming in #31 in 2020.
  • Faberlic is in 45 countries with us launching now in United States now. With the plans on launching Mexico in the fall of 2022. Faberlic has plans for more countries after 2022, too.
  • 2.2 million independent partners around the world.
  • You the consultant can build your business in all countries. That’s 45+ countries!!!

All the ways you can earn:

  • Personal Commission: 20-26%
  • Group Commission: 3-23% (unlimited generations until there’s a Director in the line)
  • Quick Start Bonus: Up to 300 dollars extra in the 1st 9 weeks
  • Director Bonus: Up to 5% on 7 generations of Directors
  • Qualification Bonus: Up to 2 million dollars (no timeframe – first time qualification)
  • Fast Growth Bonus: Earn double qualification bonuses up to Elite Director (up to 5,500 dollars extra)
  • Development Bonus: Earn 30% of all team qualification bonuses as a Diamond Director+ yearly
  • Earn a trip to Puerto Rico in 2022
  • Qualify to become a founding leader

You can become one of the first Faberlic Consultants in the USA. To join Faberlic, go to: https://faberlic.com/register?sponsornumber=726238088&lang=us&r=1001233668771

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