Faberlic LaCreme Body Wash & Body Care

Indulge your skin with La Créme Body Wash & Body Care! With 🤍milk protein for soft skin, La Créme comes in 5 formulas to nourish your skin.

✨ Gentle Care features real 🍓strawberry juice.

✨ Sensitive Skin formula has 🌿aloe vera for extra soothing

✨ Absolute Comfort delivers the benefits of fig juice

✨ Gentle Touch delivers the gentleness of 🥥coconut milk

✨ And Luxurious Softness softens the skin with almond milk.

These are must-have everyday essentials for any bathroom!


Apply a small amount to a washcloth or sponge or directly to wet skin, lather up into a soft foam, and rinse with warm water.

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