Meal Prep with Faberlic’s Antibacterial Food Storage Containers

I love to food prep on Sundays to prepare for my busy work week ahead. I just received Faberlic’s Antibacterial Food Storage Containers and am in love! They are perfect for storing prepared foods as well as fruits and vegetables and keep my salads fresh!

From the Faberlic Home Line🏠 comes our line of Antibacterial Containers. Keep your food safe to eat and easy to store with these microwave safe✔️, dishwasher safe✔️, freezer safe✔️ & BPA free✔️ containers.The antibacterial component inhibits microorganism growth to keep food fresh longer. Say buh-bye to mushy moldy fruits and vegetables!Ergonomically designed for better storage and with features such as a drainage board & steam valve these containers keep your food fresher and your fridge organized while making meal prep fun and easy!

Check out this week’s salads that I prepared and stored in Faberlic’s Antibacterial Food Storage Containers.

Processed with Lensa with Auto Adjustments
Processed with Lensa with Auto Adjustments

🥗 Salads for meal prep lunches this week! Swipe to see ingredients used! Featuring Faberlic‘sAntibacterial Food Storage Containers

•Iceburg lettuce, shredded red cabbage, cucumbers & shredded carrots
•Diced ham
•Hard boiled egg
•Organic Colby Jack shredded cheese•Crispy red peppers•Bolthouse Farms classic ranch yogurt dressing

I “dry my lettuce”. I lay it out on paper towels and then pat it dry with more paper towels. I never have a problem with my salads going bad. Drying out the lettuce does help.

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