Faberlic’s Hydra Lips Lipstick Glam Team

There’s still time to shop and get beautiful looks just in time for Christmas or for that upcoming New Year’s Eve party! Finish off your 💄makeup look with Hydra Lips Lipstick Glam Team. Hydra lips gives you 💦moisturized, shiny lips👄 in a luxurious velvety smudge-proof formula

Registered customers save 💥20%! By registering with Faberlic you get access to an entire store of ✨luxury products priced below retail, sustainably sourced from around the 🌍world!


  • Glorious satin lip makeup.
  • One-touch application.
  • Comfortable silky coverage.
  • Precise, no-smudge contour.
  • Light-diffusing pigments add a shiny, multidimensional effect to your lips.
  • Bold colors.
  • Magnet cap.
  • Formula enriched with the active ingredient Hilurlip®.

The moisturizing Hilurlip® Serum Supplement evens the lip surface and fills the fine lines, making your lips look fuller.

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