Purchase Global Oxygen Balm

Oxygen Balm – a universal solution to keep your skin beautiful with a feeling of comfort.

  • Instantly moisturizes and locks in moisture for 72 hours *.
  • Activates all biological processes in your skin.
  • Accelerates self-renewal and launches the detoxification process.
  • Restores skin’s natural protective barrier and relieves the discomfort feeling.
  • Boosts skin with vital energy and protects is against external aggressors.

Your skin is increasingly supple, soft and radiant.

Never Stop Energy Technology combines three unique ingredients to deliver oxygen to the deepest skin layers and activate efficient oxygen use inside every cell.

Patented Novaftem-O₂® complex increases oxygen quantities just a few minutes after application and provides its prolonged delivery to the deepest skin layers.

Vitamin C and glutathione effectively cleanse intracellular space and transform oxygen into energy.

* – according to clinical research of the product with PENTAVITIN® conducted by DSM, Switzerland.

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