Oceanum Hydrogel Eye Patches

💦 Oceanum is a unique product developed jointly by Faberlic and BiotechMarine laboratory (France). Restore your fresh and rested look, make your eyes look youthful and catching with these Hydrogel Eye Patches.

The formula with rich components efficiently nourishes and moisturizes skin prevents premature wrinkles. You can use them for a whole month: 30 days of tending to youth and beauty.

Caviar extract contains microelements, mineral salts, proteins, amino acids, and nutritious fatty acids that efficiently moisturize and nourish the eye area, make it smooth and soft, protect from negative environmental factors. Peptide complex efficiently boosts skin, has an anti-aging effect, fights fine lines and wrinkles. Red algae-derived active has a rejuvenating effect, efficiently fights fine lines and wrinkles.

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