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Sign up during the pre-launch of Faberlic in the USA and become one of the very first consultants. Faberlic was ranked #31 in the global ranking of direct sales companies according to DSN. To join now, go to

My name is Anne-Marie Prince. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and mompreneur. I have 33 years experience in direct sales. I love online marketing, makeup, and mentoring others. I’d love to have you on team as we launch Faberlic in the USA!

The 5 principles of Faberlic are love, success, uniqueness, responsibility, and growth. When choosing a direct sales company, it is so important to choose one where your values align.

Faberlic was established in 1997. Although this is a start-up opportunity, Faberlic is no stranger to direct sales! They hold leading positions in 44 countries. Sign up during the pre-launch in the United States to become one of the first consultants here in the USA.

Here are some reasons to join Faberlic:

  • More than 20 years of success in business
  • 44 global shipping destinations
  • 10 product categories and over 800 outstanding products
  • 2.2million independent partners around the world
  • In-house R&D and production facilities

Faberlic will launch in the USA with about 800 products in 10 different product categories. These product categories include skincare, makeup, wellness, fragrance, dietary supplements, personal care, hair care, oral care, household cosmetics, and homewares.

Global Oxygen is the #1 Oxygen Cosmetics in the world. Over the company’s lifetime, more than 5million units of Legendary Oxygen balm have been sold.

Faberlic products are not tested on animals.

There are 3 ways to earn money with Faberlic. Those 3 methods include: personal discount / face to face sales commission, commission for group sales, and the director bonus.

The Faberlic catalog runs on a 3 week campaign cycle. There will also be samples available to purchase.

When new customers register with you, they will have the opportunity to earn a free gift when they place their first order within 24 hours.

When new customers register with you, they will have the opportunity to earn aCustomers can register for free and earn 20% off every purchase. Not only will they receive a free gift when they make a purchase within 24 hours, they will have an opportunity to earn a 2nd free gift when they make another purchase during a specific timeframe. Then for the next 9 catalogs, they will have the chance to buy bestseller bundles at a discounted price.

Faberlic has 24 levels of leadership! Earn up to $2 million in bonus money as you climb the different leadership levels.

When you become a Faberlic Representative, you will be able to sell and recruit in 44 different countries. The opportunities to build your business are endless.

Join us today!

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