How to introduce oxygen into the deep layers of the skin? For a long time, either injections or special hardware procedures were used for this. Until the Oxygen Mesotherapy serum from Global Oxygen appeared. This is a home alternative to the salon procedure of the same name.

What types of skin is it suitable for? For all skin types.

How to apply it? The options are varied: independently, under your favorite skin care cream (for example, a moisturizing oxygen cream from the same Global Oxygen series), under an oxygen mask.

What is the effect? Your reviews confirm – after a few applications, the skin tone improves. The tone and relief are leveled, no trace of stress and fatigue remains! And the serum also activates the synthesis of collagen and other proteins important for the skin. The result is younger, more radiant skin.

What helps this? In addition to the Never Stop Energy technology, which includes three unique components to deliver oxygen and activate its use by each cell for efficient energy synthesis, the Aqua Shuttle system works in the serum – a “micropatch” that provides a controlled metered release of active moisturizing substances for 8 hours.

Thanks to this technology, moisture loss is prevented, and the water balance in the skin is restored and maintained.

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