Glowing Touch Concealer

Glowing Touch Concealer is your beauty filter! It takes just a few strokes to hide the traces of fatigue, emphasize the beauty of your skin, brighten dark circles. The formula, rich with light-reflecting particles, provides a light concealing coverage. Erases traces of fatigue and fills skin with natural glow. Light Blurring technology visually corrects imperfections. Three active ingredients* work from inside, eliminating dark undereye circles. *Dark Circle Eraser is the exclusive extract of certified organic algae that brightens and strengthens tender skin around eyes. In one week it provides a visible anti-wrinkle effect In two weeks it brightens and reduces dark circles. Luxe Complex is the active blend of three ingredients: ashtree bark extract, vitamin B3 and organic silica. The complex targets to reduce undereye puffiness and brighten dark circles. Strengthens capillaries, stimulates blood microcirculation, and hides symptoms of fatigue.

Grape juice extract has an antioxidant effect.

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